Harris Paints

Caribbean Adhesive and Chemicals Limited is the sole distributor in Trinidad and Tobago for the Harris Paint Brand. We carry a wide range of products for many different applications. To see how to use Harris Paints correctly please visit our application and uses page. Any further question/ inquires please visit our contact us page.

  • super_colors_spray_enamel

    Harris Spray Paint All Purpose


    Our all-purpose spray enamel interior/exterior, dries in minutes to a smooth-hard surface resistant to scratching, chipping, cracking, fading and chalking. Designed to protect against rust and corrosion in metals. Numerous home and industry applications. Use it on wood, metals and plastic. Gloss finish; available in clear and a variety of colors.

  • Primer

    Harris Spray Paint Primer


    An extra tough penetrating base coat for additional protection against rust and extending the life of the finish coat. Fast drying general purpose for use on interior and exterior. Use it on wood, metal and plastic. Available in gray, black and red. Flat finish.

  • harris_spray_paint_ap

    Super Colors Spray Enamel


    Our finest grade spray paint acrylic urethane enamel. Formulated to develop a mirror-like gloss and excellent leveling. Dries rapidly and provides a tough high build coating that resists grease, oil, water, abrasions and rust. Super Color Spray Enamel is formulated with rust inhibitors to ensure a beautiful and lasting protection year after year. For use on interior and exterior. Will not yellow. Ideal for metal surfaces, excellent for wood. Available in 7 beautiful colors.

  • Appliance

    Appliance/Window & Door-Frame Enamels


    A tough epoxy base, protective enamel. Finishes to a smooth-glossy finish. Perfect for appliances, outdoor furniture, office equipment and tools. Resists cracking and peeling. Unaffected by moisture. Use it for complete color changes or just touch-up. Available in six popular, beautiful colors.

  • Fluorescent-Spray

    Fluorescent Spray Paint


    Intensely bright and eye-catching colors. HARRIS Fluorescent paint reflects light, magnifying it to the apex of brilliance. Fast drying interior/exterior. Excellent for costumes, toys, hobby models, crafts and outdoor equipment. Also suitable for industrial uses such as traffic and safety markings. Available in pink, yellow, orange and green.

  • Classic-Gold

    Classic Gold


    A quick drying interior/exterior enamel that gives surfaces a beautiful high gloss golden finish. For metal and non-metal objects such as picture frames, decorations, ornaments, window blinds, lamps, etc.

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  • ChromAll



    A vinyl toluene super high gloss aerosol enamel formulated to provide a high luster chrome-like finish. Makes chrome look like new. Fast drying, ideal for touch-up or the entire job. High luster chrome-like finish.