About us

Our company, Caribbean Adhesives Ltd; a limited liability company, was incorporated in June 1995 in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Who We Are

In August 1995 Caribbean Adhesives Limited was appointed the exclusive representative for the Dunlop range of industrial, commercial and consumer grade adhesives and sealants. The Dunlop laboratory, located in Stoke, England and was born in 1888; ranked in the top 250 in the 2009/10 Superbrands list. Through continuous improvement, the Dunlop formals has managed to stay global leaders in the adhesives market.

As the exclusive representative of the Dunlop brand, Caribbean Adhesives Ltd. gained access to the carefully engineered patented formulas, trademarked name and proprietary process.In this role our operations cover manufacturing, marketing and distribution of the entire Dunlop range, our product range includes both solvent and water based adhesives and incorporates the latest cutting edge product technology.

In 1995 our manufacturing was carried out at Pointe-à-Pierre Rd, San Fernando, Trinidad. The company soon outgrew this location, and in January 2000, Caribbean Adhesives Ltd. expanded its manufacturing operations and relocating to #36 Maharaj Avenue Marabella, Trinidad, where we are currently located.

In August 2014, to better reflect the company’s expansion into the solvent and chemicals, the company’s name was changed to Caribbean Adhesives and Chemicals Limited,(C.A.C.L.). In so doing becoming a competitive supplier to the Chemical and Packaging sector.
C.A.C.L. through its associated company, Endeavour Traders Limited, has been appointed the distributor for a number of products which can be seen on the “Secondary Products” page. All of our products are currently distributed throughout Trinidad and Tobago and have also found ready markets in other territories of the Eastern Caribbean.
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The company is proud to be associated with the Dunlop brand, a name that for decades has been at the forefront of technological innovation and excellent quality products. With our dedicated, hardworking staff and engineering support we guarantee exceptional customer service, supplying top quality products at the most competitive prices.


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